Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pub Ad Weekly Questions

1)Globalisation has resurrected comparative public administration. Comment (200 Words)

2)Micro-finance institutions have become albatross of women and development. Critically analyse. (30 Marks)

3)Answer the following:
a)Training is multi-purpose – besides enhancing the professional competence, should also focus attitudinal change. Examine (40 Marks)
b)The concept of civil service neutrality is to be reinterpreted. Elaborate (20 marks)

4)Globalisation poses challenge to the role of government and public administration in the twenty first century. Discuss (300 Words)

5)Do you agree with Follett’s view that ‘all management problems were basically problems in human relations and man is essentially constructive and cooperative?

6)‘Decision making is the core of administration.’ Explain the above statement with special reference to:
a)Simon’s rational actor model (40 M)
b)Dror’s optimum/rational model (10 M)
c)Allison’s organisational process and governmental politics model (10M)

7)The effectiveness of an organisation is contingent upon: technology, environment and degree of differentiation. Comment (300 Words)

8)Media, interest groups, voluntary organisations and the civil society are overplaying the lapses of the UPA government. Examine (Essay)

9)Administrative tribunals are the watch dogs of public administration. Explain (200 Words)

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