Sunday, 4 September 2011

Schmidt the pig iron hauler, whom Taylor unabashedly declared to ‘stupid...phlegmatic... (And) more nearly resembles in his mental make-up the ox than any other type’. The person-as-machine model of scientific management doubtless has distasteful aura.

Taylor designed his SM as a machine model

The person as machine conception, replete with all its discomfiting moral over tones, are on clear display in the writings of Taylor and Gilbreths.

Though Taylor treated Schmidt without humanistic he could ensure increase the productivity from 12.5 tons to 47 tons per day.

Thus Taylor ensured efficiency.

But however people are not machines.

This distaste, however, has often been extended by some critics to include a distaste for the notion of efficiency.

Conclusion: So on must be wary of dismissing the value of efficiency along with Taylorism as occasionally has been done by humanist critics of the school.

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