Sunday, 11 September 2011

Administrative questions are not political questions. Discuss.

The role of public administration till the beginning of 20th century was very limited. The 20th century witnessed political revolution in the form of decolonisation, The role of public administration as an activity in developing countries was more significant to that of developed countries as people in developing countries doesn’t possess much knowledge so, public administration need to rescue them. As public administration is concerned with individuals from their birth to death, whereas, political parties are not concerned with an individual and do not have any such socio-economic responsibilities towards them. Public administration is the stabilising factor that ensures the even development, usage of resources rationally whereas a political government changes after stipulated time. Administrators manage in times of famines, wars, natural disasters and restore the normalcy. It takes care of welfare of a nation building activities such as health, education, transportation etc. In the last of 20th century, public administration seems like withdrawing the states from economic activities but in reality, it administrates or manages them though it is not involved in the production. So it is appropriate to quote ‘administrative questions are not political questions’ which was then told by the father of public administration Woodrow Wilson distinguishing between politics and public administration. He drew a thin margin between public administration and politics dichotomy as well he removed public administration from the hurry and strife of politics.

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