Sunday, 4 September 2011

The principles of administration can be studied as a technical question, irrespective of the purpose of the enterprise, the personnel comprising it, or any constitutional, political or social theory underlying its creation.

Intro: Principles of organisation, ensures the rationality of the organisation. They are applied universally.

Main: Different scholars have proposed different principles with emphasis on a specific principle

Fayol – 14 – Unity of Command
Gulick – 10 – Division of work
Urwick -8(29) – Span of Control
Mooney – 4- Coordination

They are applied universally with in any organisation, as Fayol said – public/ private/ small/ big/ religious/ educational/ or any type

The scientific principles of administration, that worked in any and all institutional settings – from corporations and clubs, to governments and gulags – and in any and all cultural contexts – from Boston and Botswana, to Paris and Paraguay

However there is a yawning gulf between the principles and their practice. Therefore Simon describes them as proverbs.

Simon suggested the Decision making as the alternative to the principles.

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