Sunday, 4 September 2011

Participative Management is a necessary evil in the organisation. Examine this statement in the light of the following aspects.

  1. System 4 of Rensis Likert is not universal.
  2. Matrix organisation of Chris Argyris is not essentially functional
  3. Theory Y has no universal validity
    Participative management theory is a behaviouristic dimension of managing the organisations

    It is developed by the scholars like Rensis Likert, Chris Argyris, and Mc Gregor

    Participative Management is necessary because
    • It is democratic
    • It is motivating
    • It fulfils the psychological of the employee
    • It promotes productivity

    It is an evil because – 
    • Participation may be misunderstood
    • It is a new technique of exploitation
    • If it is not properly designed, it becomes dysfunctional participative management is analysed by the under the strategies of System – 4, Matrix, and Theory – Y

    System 4 is not universally valid when the employees are not self disciplined

    Matrix Organisation creates disputes and confusion.

    Theory – Y will not be universal as it is not suitable to the organisations like PSUs in India.

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